Cloud Security Made in Luxembourg

LuxDrops is compliant with Luxembourgish data protection and data security regulations. All data are hosted in Luxembourg. LuxDrops is designed, developed and operated by a local team as the result of the collaboration of the Public Research Center – Gabriel Lippmann and its spin-off ABACUS Consulting and Solutions S.A..

Client-side encryption

Client-side encryption can be selectively enabled on a per share basis. Only authorised users are able to access the protected content. Data sharing is secured through dedicated revocable access keys.

On-premise or in the Cloud

In addition to the Cloud-based LuxDrops solution, you can deploy your private LuxDrops instance in your own data center and enhance your local file servers with sync & share functionality.

Selective Replication

Depending on the user preferences, shared data can either be replicated to the local desktops or directly be accessed on the Cloud storage nodes. These preferences are individually set for every share and every end-device.

Fine-grained Access Rights

LuxDrops supports fine-grained access control down to the directory level. The LuxDrops users are able to define and setup complex security policies to grant or deny fine-grained access to selected data.

Convenient Data Management in the Cloud

The LuxDrops client is optimised to facilitate the data management in the Cloud. The client offers a convenient multi-dimensional search engine based on file types and temporal constraints. The advanced Windows integration offers convenient visualisation possibilities and lets the user easily track the synchronisation status of the LuxDrops managed data.

Flexible and Extendable Cloud Storage

The LuxDrops Cloud storage solution spans many use cases, ranging from end-users, professional users to Cloud service providers. LuxDrops can be deployed on-premise using existing infrastructures or in the Cloud. Existing user and access management solutions can be integrated using the existing LDAP/Active Directory component. By relying on file based data stores (which are optionally encrypted), the scalability and the manageability of the LuxDrops solution is significantly improved.

Trusted User Authentication

Reliable user authentication is a key challenge for existing cloud storage solutions. A secure cloud solution cannot simply rely on e-mail addresses to share confidential data. In order to respond to this challenge, LuxDrops is able to guarantee user authentication by relying on certificates issued by reliable trust centers. On request, the current version is able to directly access the LuxTrust authentication service.

Advanced Logging and Tracability

All LuxDrops interactions are logged server-side and are available upon request for controlling and auditing purposes.